The Myanmar Airport’s Condition


Sometime, I am quite upset about some news which doesn’t make any sense. That’s why I willingly to expose the truth of some true stories, at that time, I am so busy but I have to spend a little time to talk about that. Regarding the domestic airlines in Myanmar that are currently operating for their flight passengers. Even I myself Ko Shwe Htoo has been collecting the facts and figures of these domestic airlines but no sweat to get these information.

As a matter of fact, the apparatus, instrument and equipment of air traffic control system in Myanmar are not really good and so risky. The equipment of air traffic control system are very old and outdated it should not use properly right now. So far, Non Directional Beacon (NDB) has already been used for 40 year ago. NDB must guide and give instructions concerning the landing direction and area which can transmit the information on weather and terrain condition as well. However, these equipment and facilities cannot be used effectively even cannot send the required information.

Normally, an airplane can fly thousands feet above sea level if cannot fly with normal human eyesight and unavoidably needs for modern instrument. The pilot of an airplane has to ask the required information of the related instruments from control tower and then he has to calculate and compute for this decision of landing and taking-off and control the plane. In contrast, if he cannot get the information that essentially need for any pilot, this is very dangerous not only for the pilot but all of passengers on board. It also looks like a blind man walking on brink of a wall and lives on board can be disappeared at any time.

In addition, the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network is also degrading and deteriorating its operation function and it cannot work efficiently. All of the Myanmar airports and aerodromes cannot utilized the proper instruments. They merely rely on the High frequency flight information system.

Another the most important things is Instrument Landing System (ILS) it can use only 3 places Yangon, Naypyitaw and Mandalay, why, because of budget in other world financial constraint. The authorities concerned have to consider the essential instruments of Civil aviation but they forget it and they are pretending it is not their  responsibilities. So stupid and selfish, the chairman of Myanmar Investment Commission, Soe Thein irresponsibly neglected the fulfilling the gap to implement. The requirement of Civil Aviation does not need to take a longtime it has to fulfill in a short notice.

At the same time, the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) of Myanmar earns many foreign exchange from over flight permissions. Millions of Dollar can make for DCA but the standard of DCA is lowering to the bottom. The worst thing is fire fighting system. But they never focus on this matter, they don’t do maintenance. I cannot imagine in a common sense. Very easy but for them so difficult. It is a piece of cake, right.

If you really want to raise the standard of your motherland Myanmar and people of Myanmar. You must reform and change your mind and make up your mind. The more and more occurrence of air accidents and loss of lives and consequences will be definitely your responsibility and accountability .

I like to request to DCA & MIC, especially for Soe Thein to settle and try your best to this stalemate problems in good faith.


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